Water is essential and utilized on a mass scale for human practices and industrial functions, and it is also risk averse.

Traditional processes and activities involving water use tend to be wasteful and not economically sustainable. Generating high potentiality for pollution that has long-term underlying impacts to the environment and ecology.

Aqualyst provides individual solutions by working directly with entrepreneurs, municipals and institutions to achieve their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies goals.

The Water Innovation Catalyst

Aqualyst is a business and technology catalyst, providing customized services that spark and streamline transformative water technology innovation.

Aqualyst translates the mission of PureBlue to the individual solution working directly with entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies. We operate the Aqualyst Cohort Program, a customizable program for bluetech startups. The 2018 Cohort includes 6 companies providing sensors, AI, stormwater solutions, steam optimization, and scalable microbial fuel cells. We also provide custom consulting to bluetech companies, their customers, and their investors.

Each year we evaluate hundreds of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater solutions to identify 5-6 breakthrough companies. We then connect these entrepreneurs with industry pioneers who collaborate for 18 months to accelerate the companies’ growth via pilots, sales and licensing. Our goal is make innovation faster, smarter, and less risky to companies, investors, and end-users.

  • Public or Industrial User

    Have a problem you’re looking to solve?

    • Define the problem clearly to better engage innovators and entrepreneurs

    • Validate the innovation from proof of concept through commercialization, through feedback on

    the value proposition, system constraints, and pilot and demonstration projects

    • Decrease innovation risk, leverage informative pilots, share costs, and spread knowledge

  • Entrepreneur

    Want to catalyze your growth?

    • Tap into the wisdom of water pioneers and our network of industry-leading customers, pilot sites,

    manufacturers, investors and channels-to-market

    • Leverage our flexible, customized business development support

    • Help educate our communities with how chance and innovation can be implemented wisely

  • Investor

    Looking for pre-vetted water companies?

    • Decrease your risk by investing in companies that are being vetted by expects and end-users

    • Expedite and enhance your due diligence process

    • Connect with transformative water companies, pre-vetted by industry experts

  • Expert

    Excited to share your expertise and connect with other creative problem solvers?

    • Cross-pollinate ideas with visionaries spanning diverse water sectors

    • Easily keep pulse on emerging technologies

    • Actively collaborate to help cutting-edge water solutions become a reality

  • Channel Partner

    Interested in innovative solutions to distribute, manufacture, or partner with?

    • Tap into matchmaking to align your expertise with the needs of transformative companies

    • Connect with transformative water companies, pre-vetted by industry experts

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